Drunk Driving Attorneys in London

Driving a vehicle while drinking is considered a crime in many parts of the world. However, you may get into serious trouble or lose your license if you have been caught doing so on the roads of the British capital because London police does not offer any relaxation on road side violations. If you think you have been convicted without any drinking activity or misconduct while driving, there are many specialised attorneys in London who deal with drunk driving cases. You can bring yourself out of the distressing situation by hiring any drunk driving solicitor in British capital. Here is a step by step list of drunk driving attorneys in London.


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    Blake Lapthorn Solicitors, is a law firm that handles many legal cases related to traffic violations. They extensively deal with clients that are in danger of losing their driving privileges because of road offenses.

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    Driving Defences Solicitors, is set of specialist lawyers that deals in all kinds of driving offenses including driving while drunk.

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    Kaim Todner Solicitors Ltd, has an extensive experince in represeting those who are alleged driving while drunk charges by the traffic police in London.

  • 4

    McCormacks Law, are criminal law defense attorneys that are one of the leading law firms in London. They undertake magistrate's court and Crown Court cases all over England and Wales, and are also specialist in handling traffic violation cases.

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    Christian Khan, maintain two offices in London and specialise in criminal law and action against the police. They are also specialised in handling "driving while drunk" charges.

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    Hodge Jones & Allen LLP, has a 24 hour hot line to contact attorneys who handle driving while drunk charges. They specialise in cases that involve drinking and driving and can sometimes get cases dismissed based on their expertise.

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    Tuckers Solicitors, has been working from three cities of UK, Manchester, Birmingham, and London for last four decades. They can handle all traffic related cases including "driving while drunk" charges.

  • 8

    Old Bailey Solicitors, is a team of lawyers that have extensive experience in different law practices. They also practice in road traffic violation laws.

  • 9

    Morgan Brown & Cahill Solicitors, provides services in wide range of legal matters. They can also handle traffic related violence.

  • 10

    Mary Monson Solicitors, are specialist motoring offense attorneys. They offer legal services in almost all kinds of motoring offenses.

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