Easy Dessert Recipes for Valentines Day

Valentine Day’s celebrations seem incomplete without desserts, which are considered as the best course of the February 14 dinner. Besides love and romance, Valentine’s Day is known for food as well. Dinners and parties are arranged on this romantic day of the year and the people just love to try different desserts nicely decorated according to the occasion. You can make different Valentine’s Day desserts by experimenting different ingredients.  Try the given below step by step easy desserts recipes for Valentine’s Day in order to see that which one will become your family or guest favourite:


  • 1

    True Love Chocolate Cake

    True Love Chocolate Cake is delicious and one of the best desserts to be served on Valentine’s Day. Check out How to Make True Love Chocolate Cake.

  • 2

    Caramel Ice Cream

    You can enhance the charm of your Valentine’s Day party by including Caramel Ice Cream in your menu. It is very easy to make and if you want to try it, find a detailed Homemade Caramel Ice Cream Recipe.

  • 3

    Valentine Cupcakes

    Cupcakes are one among the Valentine’s Day favourites. There are numerous types of Valentine’s Day cupcakes nicely decorated with multiple toppings. Find out How to Make Valentine Cupcakes.

  • 4

    Valentine Cookies

    You can also make different cookies on Valentine’s Day, as they are yummy and very simple to prepare. Check out How to Make Valentine Heart Cookies. In addition to that, find a detailed recipe of Valentine Sugar Cookies.

  • 5

    Apple pies

    Apple pies are another good option for Valentine’s Day desserts. As you will be busy on February 14, you can make the Apple pies in advance and freeze them. Find a detailed Apple Pie Recipe.

  • 6

    Raspberry Ice Cream

    Raspberry Ice Cream is perfect combination of vanilla ice cream and raspberries. You can make it on Valentine’s Day as it easy to customise according to the taste and requirements of your guests. Check out How to Make Raspberry Ice Cream.

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