Facebook Introduces a Special Like-Moticon to Chat

There is good news for teens and adults because the social networking giant has now introduced emoticons to Facebook chat. From now onwards, there will be a small menu which can be seen at the right bottom of any chat window. All you need to do is just select one, and it will be added to your current instant message. In addition, there is a “thumbs up” emoticon for Like Button.

Facebook currently has more than 900 million users across the world and these types of emoticons help them to remove language barriers and communicate, even with those people we can’t speak to. The management is expecting that these emoticons will eventually allow kids under age 13 to use their website, as previously it seems like Facebook is only for adults.

At the moment, there are just 21 emoticons in the menu. These include heart, devil, frown and wink, standard and Like icon. By clicking just one of them, it will be included to your chat. By the way, you can still use a kiss emotion even though it is not included in the menu. Besides, you can also use any celebrity or friend’s face just by writing their names in double brackets.

Presently, you cannot find any emoticon menu in the formal messages part of the site even though it is connected to chat.  In fact, there is no emoticon menu in the mobile apps as well and if you send a smiley from web to mobile, it will just display a text.  For instance, when you send a Like-emoticon, it will appear as its code (y) when received on mobile.

Well, it seems like childish attitude but for your information, many big tech company founders frequently use emoticons in their chat conversation on web or even on mobile because they find them useful and appropriate.

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