Top 10 Facebook Fan Pages for Job Seekers

Do you have a Facebook account? If not, you should make one immediately, as it has got numerous benefits. Not only can you connect with friends all over the world, there are various other advantages of using this social networking website.

One of the best things Facebook has done is that it has made job hunting quite easier. You don’t need to look at the newspapers anymore, as you can stay updated about the latest vacancies through the internet.

There are multiple fan pages on Facebook, which keep you informed about job opportunities in different organisations. Simply join those pages and you will not have to worry about your career. However, make sure that you find the best pages for job seekers.


  • 1

    Ernst & Young Careers

    This page was formed back in 2008 and has attracted quite a few members since then. The purpose of it was to help youngsters achieve their goals in life. You should definitely join it in order to find a better job or business idea.

  • 2

    Brazen Careerist

    Another Facebook page formed in 2008, Brazen Careerist provides an opportunity to everyone to find their favourite jobs. Once you join this page, you will continuously get updates about the vacancies in different organisations.

  • 3

    Social Media Jobs

    This page allows both the job seekers and recruiters to post updates about latest jobs in the market. Unlike the above two fan pages, this one is a closed group and you will be able to get information about it once you join.

  • 4


    Another very good networking page is Glassdoor. It allows the job seekers to search their career related posts and also rate the employers on their hiring process.

  • 5

    US Department of Labour

    This page gives you information about the labour laws in the United States. This way, you will be able to hunt the best possible job.

  • 6


    The public relations society of America allows you to grow your network and brand your job hunting process with ease.

  • 7

    This is NPR

    This page is newly formed on Facebook and seems to be growing strongly with the passage of time. It offers great value to job seekers, so one should definitely join it in order to find a career path.

  • 8


    This page is dedicated for job finders from the hospitality industry. They will definitely find some valuable information here about how to narrow down their search.

  • 9

    HR Bartender

    Another very good fan page, which allows you to easily hunt your career related jobs.

  • 10

    CV Archive

    By posting your CVs on this page, you will be able to get numerous responses from organisations interested in hiring people.

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