Facebook Is Looking to Purchase Face.Com

After the acquisition of Instagram and Opera browser, Facebook is rumored to be interested in acquiring Face.com. This site, Face.com is a renowned Israeli company providing the preeminent facial recognition software. Launched in 2007, it is believed to be the world’s best face recognition software. Face.com has also started selling its software in the mobile world along with iOS app known as KliK that enables people to “tag” their friends in real time. This app has been pretty popular around the world as it provides users with the unique ability to have the software recognise faces amongst their photos. Meanwhile, Facebook is already using two apps, Facebook Photo finder and Photo Tagger, developed by Face.com. Back in 2010, it released an open API, which largely benefits the third-party developers. This enables them to integrate the technology in their apps. It is obvious that Facebook is going to consolidate or at least integrate this facial recognition software to their social media platform. Their tremendous growth and massive user base will allow Facebook to possibly acquire Face.com in to their fold.


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    The most recent speculation about the acquisition of Face.com for about $100 million, was leaked out by Israeli Business Publication known as Calcalist. However, there are some issues on the price that is going on between these two big companies. The amount is considered to be too big and it might take some time for price negotiation. Although, we do not have any other reliable source for backing up the story but this acquisition would make a load of sense. It seems that Facebook has been busy in looking to purchase various companies with apps and technology that they seem very interested in. No matter what is purchased by the giant Facebook, there is no doubt it will find a way to integrate all of these technologies on to your their social media platform for the convenience of their huge user base.

    This hot news was rumored in the market even before the acquisition of Instagram. Last year, Israeli business newspaper TheMarker published the story that social networking giant Facebook is interested in the facial recognition firm.

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    However, Chief Executive of Face.com is being little wary on the acquisition speculation while saying “nothing new to share.”

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    Undoubtedly, facial recognition has been a valuable thing for photo seekers, but on the other hand it could surely pose a threat to privacy to all Facebook members in the future. It will be interesting to see how Facebook managed to integrate the technology and maintains an edge on the mobile app front.

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