Follow Up Application Letter Email

Having sent an application to your boss or the head of your educational institute, it is imperative that you follow up on the email or the letter, just to make sure that you and the recipient are on the same page.

Just like the application, the follow up email should be written using extremely professional language, avoiding any kind of grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, which are likely to leave a bad impression on the recipient.

In the first paragraph of the email, you must remind the recipient about the email you had sent earlier, and the purpose of the application.

Mention the reasons in detail in the body of the email, and attach any relevant certificates or documents that might be required.

In the concluding paragraph of the email, you should politely request the recipient, once again, to furnish you with a swift reply. Do not forget to thank him or her at the end.

The tone of your writing must be very polite and respectful throughout the email.


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    Sample of Follow Up Application Letter Email

    Subject: Leave Application Follow Up

    Dear Kim,

    As I have already informed the management, my wife is pregnant and the delivery is expected at the end of this month. I had previously sent an application requesting leaves from June 20, 2013 to July 7, 2013; however, I have not received any reply as yet.

    Attached with the email are my wife's medical certificates; additional documents can also be provided, if required by the management of the company.

    I have a genuine case, as my wife needs me to be with her during this period. I hope to get a positive reply from the management soon.

    Thank you,

    Richard Simpson
    Public Relations Officer, Kim Inc.

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    Template of Follow Up Application Letter Email

    To: [email address of the recipient]
    Subject: Follow up of the application

    Dear [name of the recipient]

    I had sent you an application earlier this week, to request you to accept my late assignment; however, I have not received any response as yet.

    I failed to submit my assignment on time because my mother was ill and I had to attend to her at the hospital. I attached the medical certificates of my mother with the email I sent previously.

    Kindly accept my late submission, as I had a genuine problem. You can also take into account my past record, as I have consistently been submitting my work on time.

    [Your name]
    [Designation, Company name]

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