How to Dress for a Winter Wedding

Marriages are not only about acquiring a legal document which permits two people to unite but it is also about the wedding wows and promises the couple makes to each other. Wedding day is suppose to be the best and special day for the couple as well as family and friends.

The groom and the bride pay attention towards each and every minute detail, but there is one thing which immediately not only pops up into their minds but in guest’s  mind as well, which is the updated attire for the wedding ceremony.

It is not only eminent for the bride or groom but for the guest as well who starts planning and deciding about what they should wear on their loved ones wedding.


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    In winters you have to be careful while selecting wedding ceremony attire, due to cold weather and snow, your fashion might turn out to be disaster.

    Material plays an important role in the selection of attire, because it helps in distinguishing the season and the weather in which the wedding is taking place, so do not forget to buy an outfit which is made up of warm.

    Usually silk and chiffon is preferred for formal wear, but in different weathers people manage to face the extremeness of weather by covering themselves with a classic fur coat and gloves while in summers it is convenient to choose any sort of material to look good and noticeable.

    If a strapless outfit is your choice for the wedding ceremony, then you can wear following items to comfortably enjoy the event in winters:

    Fur coats

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    Colours should never be ignored while selecting a dress for a wedding ceremony. Always avoid wearing white color on a wedding because the bride has the right to wear that colour, it will not look appropriate on you.

    Dark hues are suitable for winter wear, but avoid bright shades. There are few colours which are considered ideal for cold season wedding ceremonies.

    Plum shades
    Dark berry shades
    Dark green
    Dark and dull red

    Try wearing black in the evening, it will not look appropriate for the weddings held in daylight. For evening wedding following colours will look terrific:

    Navy blue
    Metallic green
    Dark red

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    The venue of the event can also create a problem for you. Weddings may take place in church or in a an indoor venue, but these days people prefer having outdoor weddings.

    If the wedding is in a church try selecting an appropriate dress with a knee length. Do not choose strapless or anything which makes you prominent in an odd way. Long gowns are also not a good choice for church.

    If a ballroom is the venue then you have freedom to wear anything which lies in decency. Gowns can also be your choice, but if it is an evening function.

    Deciding a perfect outfit for an outdoor wedding is the most difficult part because in winters snowfall can become a serious problem.

    Never choose a flowing skirt or else you will remain busy in fighting with the wind, which might expose you.

    The best choice would be sheath style attire which will consider your comfort level.

    As you know trends and fashion changes with time, which is why you have to keep yourself updated with the new arrivals or else you will not be able to look extraordinary. Besides fashion remember what looks appropriate on you or else your dress will not be able to do justice with you.

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