How to Choose a Men’s Dress Shirt

Choosing a men’s shirt is very complicated and it doesn’t matter if you are buying it for yourself or for someone else. If you do not have enough experience of purchasing men’s shirts and you are planning to buy one, you should get some help. There are several things that you should keep in mind before choosing a men’s dress shirt.


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    The most important thing about men's dress shirt is its colour. Dress shirts come in many colours with each colour having some significant importance. If you want to buy a dress shirt for some formal business meeting, go for conservative colours. But if you want to buy a fashionable shirt, choose bright and unconventional colours.

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    The next most important things about men’s dress shirt is its pattern. Dress shirts come in different patterns and you need to pick the pattern very wisely. Solid shirts are most common as you can wear any tie with them but to match ties with shirts that have patterns on them is more difficult.

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    Men’s dress shirts come in different styles. You can either choose a trendy shirt or you can choose to stick with the standard full-cut shirt. You must be very clear about what should be the style of the shirts. There are different types of collars in men’s dress shirts and you should keep these points in mind while purchasing a men’s dress shirt.

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    Right fabric

    One thing that must not be ignored while you are shopping for a men’s dress shirt, is the fabric of the shirt. You must get the shirt with best fabric and keep the weather conditions in mind while you are selecting the fabric. Summer shirts use linen as it is perfect for hot weather while winter shirts use warm fabrics to make you feel comfortable in the cold weather.

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    If you are buying this shirt for yourself then the size isn’t much of a problem. You can check your size at the shop and buy the shirt accordingly but if you are buying the shirt for someone else, you must be very clear about the size. The most important thing to be remembered here is the neck size and sleeve length.

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    Check the quality of the shirt before purchasing it. See whether the buttons are hand-stitched or not.

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    The beauty of a dress shirt is in its fitting. Check the fitting of the shirt very carefully before making the final call.

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