How to Get Clothes on Club Penguin without being a Member

The entertainment company New Horizon Interactive, released a huge multiplayer online role playing game, the Club Penguin, on 24th of October 2005. In next to no time this virtual world of animated penguin has expanded on a large scale, the company itself claims that it has more than 30 million user accounts.

The game was developed for children aged 6 to 14, but the unique part is that the designers have allowed non members to enjoy the thrill of this activity. Members of the game can easily change their penguin’s clothes, but there are techniques for non members as well to get clothes.


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    For non members the whole attire cannot be easily acquired in a single step, they have to perform various tasks to get member clothes. To get a belt you will have to come close to a ninja and play the ‘card jitsu’ and if the victory is in your hands you will not only become a ninja, but you will also get to wear any of the belts.

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    If your penguin becomes a tour guide in the game, he will get a chance to wear different hats, but for that your non member has to be at least 40 days old.

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    If your penguin goes to a party or a carnival he will get a chance to wear different clothes. If the penguin is at a carnival you can get an apron. On an Easter party you will get a bunny ears hat, while in music party you will get head phones.

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    The most convenient way to get member clothes is through Glitches. Glitches basically means that a non member can also wear member’s wardrobe, for which your penguin has to stand really close to a registered penguin and click member’s play card. Right after clicking his card click your penguin’s card as fast as you can.

    You have to be really swift while clicking in order to get member clothes through a short cut or else the technique will not work.

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