How to Get Free Membership on Moshi Monsters

This new form of entertainment is created by the company of Mindy Cindy, who is well known for introducing interactive and innovative forms of games. Moshi Monster is quite popular among kids because it gives a safe, enjoyable and educational entertainment to children. The new followers first have to adopt a pet of their own choice then they could even colour it, but before doing all this new member has to register themselves first.

There is an availability of free membership besides paying the site for registration, but the activities in the game are not free of cost.


  • 1

    For free association, you have to visit the official website of Moshi Monsters which is

  • 2

    On the top of the page, you will see a tab of membership. Click the link to start the process.
    Under the heading of ‘Why Become A Moshi Member?’ you will be able to see a line ‘the basic version of Moshi Monster is free, click on the sign-up link.

  • 3

    You will be given an option to adopt any one of your favourite pet among the six exciting monsters. Then you will design its colour according to your choice and continue the process by clicking ‘next’ tab.

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    A page will appear which will ask you to fill in your personal details. The required information includes your name, password, and email address.

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    You will receive a confirmation mail in your inbox which includes an activation link. Click on the link to enter into the world of Moshi Monsters.

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    The membership is free of cost, but you will have to pay for the activities which your monster will perform.

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