How to Add Digital Signature in MS Word 2007

You have used your signature for various purposes. You have to sign the bank cheques in order to get the cash, you have to sign the financial papers or any other type of official documents to certify that you viewed them and you are providing the authenticity of the documents. With digital documents becoming more famous, there should be a mechanism to sign them. This is why digital signatures came into existence and they are used widely to provide security seals and authenticity of all types of digital information. There are a number of different software providing the ability to digitally sign your documents. MS word is one of them. Following step by step guide will help you to introduce digital signatures in your MS Word documents.


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    Create or open the MS word document you want to sign with MS word 2007. This is relatively easy as especially if you are a frequent user of MS Word 2007.

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    You will see different tabs on top of your document. Click on “insert” tab. Then from drop down options, in the Text section, select “Signature line”. Click “OK” when a dialogue box appears. Be careful that you follow this step properly.

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    Now you will see different text fields related to digital signature. In the “Signer Name” field, type your name. Also, add your email addresses and title in relevant fields. There is an instruction field also, in case you want to instruct something to the viewers of the document. You can also allow or disallow the document viewers to add any comments in your document. You can also check the “dated” option to date the document.

    Once you are done, click “OK” to finish the process of adding a digital signature in your document. This is relatively easy if you followed all of the steps properly. If you have any issues then follow the steps again from the very beginning and take your time to make sure that you did not skip or miss any step for your process.

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    If you have any difficulties adding a digital signature then you can also check with MS Word 2007 help which is built in to the software to help you with any issues that you might be facing. If you are still having trouble then go online and you will find a whole host of websites and forums that will show you many different techniques to adding a digital signature to a MS Word 2007 document.

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