How to Adjust Hue and Saturation with GIMP Freeware

Adjusting hue and saturation with GIMP Freeware is a technical thing but if you use the proper techniques in the correct manner then you can easily adjust hue and saturation with GIMP freeware. Basically GIMP is an image retouching editing tool that can help and guide people as it is open source software. You need to understand that Adobe Photoshop is very effective yet expensive software for most photographers but on the other hand, GIMP freeware allows you to edit photos with ease and at the same time it is not expensive as well.


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    Adjust Hue and Saturation with GIMP Freeware

    Before you start adjusting hue and saturation GIMP freeware, you will want to understand this software well. Seeing the quality of Adobe Photoshop and comparing it to GIMP freeware, you need to know that both software is used in editing and retouching of photos but at the same time both also have some dissimilarities on various aspects. For instance, GIMP freeware allows you to edit with less money as it is quite cheap while at the same time, Adobe Photoshop is very expensive and not anyone can use this software with ease. Both give you powerful image editing programs which certainly allow you to edit with your own choice. Learning how to use both software can take some time but with a little patience and a lot of practice you will not have any trouble understanding the basic functions of these photo editing programs.

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    Opening up saved file in GIMP

    The very first thing you need to do in adjusting hue and saturation with GIMP Freeware is that you should open up the saves files. Pick up the hue saturation tool and use it accordingly. You will see a master button in the tools which will allow you to open the palette making changes with individual colours. Take your time while doing this as you will want to check the different tools and make the appropriate selection.

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    Click on the RED box

    Clicking on the red box and adjusting the saturation slider is the next main thing to do after you opened the saved file in GIMP.

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    Adjusting the HUE

    Adjusting the hue of the green channel is another important thing to do when adjusting hue and saturation with GIMP Freeware. Remember that you should try to understand the difference functions by practicing on a random photo. This will help you get a better understanding of how to adjust the hue and saturation of a photo and the importance of being able to do this using GIMP freeware.

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