How to Manually Update Avg Free Edition

Every year, most of us often use a new and  latest version of anti-virus software to protect our computers from viruses, and many of us fail to update those to the newer viruses definitions. You may not be a victim of a virus attack to your computer, but the risk is very high and always there. So it is better to update your anti-virus program to the latest specifications available on different websites.

The process is not that difficult and a majority of anti-virus programs offer manual upgrading options, but any delay in doing so can cause a huge loss of resources and time, if a virus attacks and corrupts the system. Getting re-fixed even a single file that has been corrupted through a virus attack is a time-consuming and hectic effort, and there is no guarantee that you are able to recover the entire data lost in the file. So consider the damage a virus attack can left to your PC or laptop because of your unnecessary delay in updating your anti-virus program. You can achieve this by following simple steps and once you are done with it run the scanner to scan your system that may be able to detect some latest viruses and fixe your corrupted files.


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    Open Your Anti-Virus Program

    You can simply double click by keeping your mouse cursor on shortcut of your anti-virus program either located on your task bar on the right side or on your desktop. Sometimes you can find the shortcut of the program at both places, so just double click by placing cursor of your mouse on any of them.

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    Access Check for Update Option

    Once you double click the anti-virus program, locate the Check for Updates option on a panel of the window that pops up, either on its left side or right side. Double click on it.

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    Access Website for Updates

    Once you double click on the option of Check for Updates, it will take you to different websites for downloading the updates. Select the website you trust and start downloading the updates.

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    Update and Scan

    From the website you select for updates, click update tab and wait for completion of updating all new virus definitions. After you are done with the updating process, you should restart your system and scan it.

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