How to Design Club Flyers in Photoshop

The uses of Photoshop for different purposes have become a common trend in the contemporary world. People from different fields of life are using different kinds of Photoshop software to aid their business. The use of Photoshop has increased recently in recent airs especially when it comes to creating bulletin boards and flyers.

If you own a club or you have been assigned a task to make a club flyer in a very short span of time, instead of using traditional methods and procedures, you can simply use any Photoshop software to make the required club flyer without much toil.

Using the following procedure, one can create a club flyer very easily. The software that is most common and easy to use is Adobe Photoshop and it is suggested that you use one to make your club flyer.


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    First thing you need to do is install the Adobe Photoshop on your computer if you already haven’t. Once you are done with that, open up the program and click the file menu. Select the option saying new and name the file according to your needs. You can name it my flyer or the club flyer in the name box. Keep the height to 11 and width to 8.5 and select inches from the dimensions drop down menu. After that, click the OK button.

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    Now again click the File menu and click Open. It will ask you for an image. Choose the image for your flyer and select it. Then click the Edit option and click Copy. Now close the image by clicking X in the right top corner. Now click the tab that is showing the name of your flyer and paste the image there. You can add more than one image if you want.

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    Now go to tools menu and click on the Type icon on the Tools palette. You will be asked to select a font, text size and the colour of the texts from the work area. Now, just click at the top of the flyer if your picture is aligned at the bottom. You can then add the headline of the flyer and can also add additional description about your club.

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    You can change the appearance of the text if you want but that isn’t necessary. You can add all the information about the club the flyer is about and other club related information you want to add to the flyer. After that, click the File menu and hit Save. You club flyer is ready.

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