How to Apply for a Guinness World Record

Are you the person who has something extraordinary to show to the world? Do you have the flair to get it written in the Guinness Book of World Records? What’s stopping you? If application process is what confuses or obstructs you from following your dream, then this is the right place you have landed in.

Step by Step gives you a guide on how to apply for a record at the “Guinness book of World Records”. Your name is just a few steps away from being recorded in history. Step forward! The destination is close. Best of luck!


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    Know about your record first:

    Before you attempt to apply for the record, know about your record keenly. Let it not be something that has already happened, also make sure that your record is not something that is breaking the law, or something that is jeopardizing your own life or that of others. Follow this link for further information:

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    Get on the boat!

    If you think that your record is eligible for the book, then step forward and give it the try. Contact the Guinness Book of World Records through their website. Go to the following URL and read the instructions carefully:

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    Register by following the three main steps provided on the website. Remember that the application process is free of cost but you can also apply through their “Fast track service” which costs £450. While the former may take about 4 to 6 weeks, the latter will process your application in 3 days.

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    If victory is written in your fate, then your mail box will soon receive an official Guinness World Records certificate. You’ll only have to now wait for the next issue to come up with your name and your record on the glossy page! Party time!

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