Steps to Apply For Engineering Degree in University of London

Are you trying to apply for an engineering degree in the University of London? University of London offers a wide range of courses for undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D’s. It is one of the most renowned universities that offers high quality engineering courses to students all over the world. Many students want to attend this university but the competition is very tight and people rarely get in.

If you are interested in applying for Engineering then you can check the courses offered by University of London which include Computer Systems, Earth Resources, Electrical, Information Systems, Manufacturing Systems, Minerals, Mechanical, Medical, Naval Architecture, Petroleum and Telecommunication Engineering. If you follow certain steps then the application process for this university is not difficult.


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    Minimum criteria for admission in Engineering for University of London are Mathematics and physics mandatory in A-levels. Be sure that before you start your application process that you are sure that Engineering is for you. As you get to university level, Engineering takes on a whole different meaning which can become quite difficult for those students that might not be that serious about the subject matter. However, if you have taken Mathematics and Physics in your A-Levels then you have basically shown your true interest in Engineering.

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    International students are to have the same eligibility criteria which means that they are required to have Mathematics and Physics in A-level equivalent studies. International students should also consider the actual costs involved with studying Engineering at the University of London. It will not be cheap, that is for sure.

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    International students can check international student’s steps and requirement before and after applying in International section. Make sure that if you are an International student that you carefully go over all the guidelines and requirements in the application process. The steps involved for International students are different so be sure that you understand everything. Try to go over everything so that if you need help or have any questions you can email the University for some assistance. Be sure to factor in the length of time to get a response so do everything well before the application deadlines.

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    Select the engineering courses discipline from University of London website.

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    For Undergraduate program you can check the fee structure of Engineering on Fees and Finance section. Carefully go over all this information so that you understand how much everything will cost and the various methods of payment.

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    For graduate students applying for Masters Degree in Engineering can check the fee structure on Fees and Finance section.

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    For accommodation information you can check the Accommodation section for more details on it. University of London offer Intercollegiate Halls, College Accommodation, Private Accommodation and University of London Self Catering Accommodation. Make sure that you understand the difference between these different forms of accommodation. Remember the fees and costs are different for each one and not everyone has the same accommodation requirements.

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    If you wish to apply online you can check the UCAS website for more details on how to apply for Engineering Courses in University of London.

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    For more enquires you can mail your query on or can call on the number +44 20 7862 8000

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