How to Assemble a Perego Baby High Chair

Baby high chair becomes necessary when your child is growing in size and you have to take good care of him/her. Specially designed high chairs are manufactured for growing children and particular care is taken to facilitate the ultimate comfort to the little one. The Perego Baby High Chair is one of the specially designed equipment, enabling your baby to eat comfortably and sit properly. However, when you purchase it, you have to assemble it by yourself before bringing it into function. It won’t take much of your time doesn’t involve any sort of technicality.


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    Take out the parts of the chair from the box and put them separately to examine them. You will easily figure out how those parts will be assembled and the rest can be seen from the instructions provided on the owner’s manual.

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    Start with inserting the wheels into the wheel blocks. These blocks will be mounted on the chair’s legs later.

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    Now attach the wheel blocks to the back side of the chair. You can see the spot for fixing the wheels at the bottom of the legs.

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    Take the other two legs and assemble them at the front side of the chair. Once all the legs and wheels are put in place, roll the chair back and forward to see if the wheels are working properly. If the wheels tend to stick at some point, you might have to take them out and reinstall them more carefully.

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    The Perego Baby High Chair has a number of options to set the positioning of the seat and you have to choose the one best suiting your baby. When you take out the seat from the box, it is set on the lowest setting, in the upright position by default. This is done so that the chair is easily packed inside the box. You can alter the setting accordingly during the assembling process.

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    After fixing the seat, put the tray into tits position. Slide the tray on the arm rest and at the same time, you have to push the button at the bottom of it to bring it in front. As for removing the tray, you have to push the button and tug it forward. Remember that the tray cannot stay attached to the chair when you have to fold it.

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    At the end, adjust the position of footrest. You can do it by moving the piece in the upright position.

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