How to Avoid Traffic at Turner Field

Avoiding traffic at Turner Field is very tough as it is considered a big stadium and whenever a baseball game is being played, you can face plenty of traffic problems. It is also important to know that because it is a centrally located baseball ballpark that is why all the city traffic suffers whenever a baseball game takes place. This ballpark is the home field of Atlanta Braves. Though this huge stadium has different parking lots but still if you are coming here for the first time, you can face many different problems while trying to avoid the heavy traffic.


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    Coming from north

    The main problem many people face when their route is relatively blocked coming from north side of the city. Though the Fulton Street has an exit interchange, but still you need to decide a better route. This is somehow the best possible way of avoiding the city traffic. Another exit at University Avenue also gives you a good route to avoid traffic. It is also important to know that at Turner Field you will find plenty of parking lots, try to wait for a while if you are just coming back from a game as it will reduce the amount of traffic in the parking.

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    Coming from part of the city

    Coming from part of city means that it will give you more time to enter Turner Field’s premises.

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    Parking in appropriate lot

    Parking in appropriate lot will also give you a great relief when you need to exit Turner Field. It is also a great idea that if you need to get out early from the Turner Field, you need to park your vehicle in appropriate parking lot. It will give you ease to get out early from heavy traffic. Leaving early from a game might sound ridiculous but if your team is losing and you sort of know the outcome is not going to change then leaving the stadium slightly early will definitely help you avoid some heavy traffic on the way home.

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    Following the flow

    Some frequent individuals also believe that it is a good idea to follow the flow. Traffic cops will also help you get out from the heavy traffic at Turner Field. If for any reason, you are stuck in traffic, you can always ask traffic police to guide you.

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