How to Photograph the Beach

Capturing pictures of beach is one of the most difficult ones to photograph. They can become repetitive if one captures it as they photograph other landscapes. However, with a little effort and technique while playing with the focus, one can capture extremely unique pictures of beach. However, one has to remain patient and practice consistently to acquire the desired results.

Things Required:

– Camera


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    Focal Point:

    Seaside and beach looks beautiful to every nature loving person. However, when it comes to the photographs of seaside or beaches, it becomes a bit dull if they are not captured perfectly. In order to make the picture attractive to one’s eyes, finding a focal point is the most important aspect of capturing a perfect shot that will depict life in it. A focal point could be anything that is out of the ordinary. It could be a shoe on the beach, an umbrella, foot prints on the sand, a sandcastle or anything else.

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    Making a frame for a shot is another important element that determines the value of your shot. Rocks, tress, beach houses, people, beach volleyball net and many more can be added in your frame.

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    Positioning Horizon:

    Positioning the horizon in your shot is another important aspect of capturing beach pictures. Make sure that you never position it in the centre.  It is recommended that you follow the rule of third while shooting the horizon; otherwise your shot will not attract many.

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    When shooting seaside or beaches, it is recommended that one should mix up all the angles instead of capturing straight on all the pictures.

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    It is better that one chooses morning or evening time to shoot beaches. In the noon, it might be good to have a sunbath, but not a good time to take pictures. The time around sunrise and sunset are the best to capture beach pictures.

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    Overcast day:

    Professional photographers are delighted when they have an overcast day when shooting landscapes, and it is the same for capturing seaside or beach pictures. Cloud cover adds an incredible amount of texture in your pictures that none will be able to restrict themselves from being attracted towards that picture.

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