How to Be a Man Magnet for Women

You shouldn’t worry if guys do not flirt with you. Becoming the centre of attention for guys is not difficult. In order to become popular and happy you just need to understand the secret of how to attract men. Regardless of how you look or the types of relationships you have had in the past, becoming a man magnet is entirely based on how you feel about yourself. Follow some simple techniques to help you become a man magnet and attract guys like crazy.


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    One of the easiest ways to attract men is to smile. Your smile not only makes you friendly but also approachable. Furthermore you will appear more attractive and you will look like a fun person to sit and talk with. You need to practice smiling in front of a mirror in case you don’t know how to smile properly. Remember feel good about your smile and it will show guys that you are comfortable with the way you are.

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    You need to dress in a way you feel confident and comfortable. Few women feel confident when they wear skirts while others feel confident if they wear jeans and a shirt. Remember that when you feel confident, you will look sexier. Try not to overdo it when it comes to your clothing as you do not want it to look like you are trying too hard.

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    Never bash other women

    You should not bash other women. This is because men do not like women who fight with other women. They love women who are simple and confident. Remember that being jealous and feeling insecure from others will make you look bad. If you compliment other women it shows that you are confident and secure about yourself.

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    Do not go out in a large group

    It is advisable for you to not go out in large groups. This is because a large group will make a man hesitant to approach you. You should go out in a group of three. When a guy approaches you, your other two girlfriends will keep themselves company.

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    Have positive small talk

    It is recommended that you have small positive talk with a guy if he approaches you. Try to refrain from talking about your ex or complain about anything. You can talk about what things you like, what movies you enjoy and what you do in your spare time. Remember that you can talk about your bad experiences later on but not in the start.

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    Feel good about yourself

    If you want to be a real man magnet then feel good about yourself. When you feel good about yourself then you will automatically be relaxed and look very confident. Guys are always attracted to women who are happy with themselves.

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