How to Be Funny and Able to Brighten Moods

The world has gone so fast paced and mean that most of us have a thousand reasons to grimace and be down but very few to smile and cheer up. There are a few nice people who take it upon themselves to cheer up every one else and motivate them to move over tragedies and sorrow. Do you want to become one of them and be the driving force behind spreading smiles and joys? Follow our step by step guide and know how to cheer up people around you, be it friends, family or any one else. It will not only make you a favorite among people but will also strengthen you internally and spiritually.


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    Smile because it is contagious:

    Try this exercise. When you smile at someone, the other person automatically smiles back (unless he is very pissed off at you). A smile not only exercises the facial muscles, making your face look beautiful but also changes your outlook on life. When you share, it gives others a reason to be happy for no particular reason.

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    Share jokes:

    Subscribe to jokes in newspapers, online news, mail and sms. Make a point to share these with friends and people around so that everyone joins in the laughter. You will be amazed to see how such stuff travels around fast. Share even the embarrassing moments. Remember everyone has those.  Bring out your innate sense of humor and do not be afraid to make yourself the target for jokes.

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    Share interesting experiences:

    In get together sessions and chit chats share funny experiences of your life. These may include opening up about your foolish acts and tricks that somebody played on you. Share pictures of you and others doing crazy stuff like dancing sponge bob underpants. Use the tone of your voice and your expressions to accentuate situations.

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    Wear a crazy outfit or mask:

    Go on a crazy spree. Wear a funny outfit and encourage to follow. Design the outfit yourself and invite friends. This will be fun. Share experiences from Halloween and how you managed to spook someone.

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    Leave sticky notes:

    Leave random sticky notes on the refrigerator, beside the bed or on the table with text, pictures or personal jokes that are bound to make the other person smile. It will catch him/her off guard

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