How to Be Less Emotional in a Relationship

Have you ever thought about the reasons of a bad relationship? If it’s due to your emotional nature then one thing is for sure; being emotional is not a bad thing but being a slave of your emotions is a real red signal! Emotional reactions are sudden and can spoil or even end a relation if left untamed. And yes it is very important to tame your emotions. But how to do this? Well, its not difficult! First of all, one must analyze the reasons of getting emotional. There are many good ways and techniques that can help you become less emotional and can smooth out your relation.


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    Don't be clingy!

    Analyze the problem that makes you react to something. Are you reacting because you are possessive of the other person so much? If this is the case then do not blame the other person for it! This problem is arising from within. What it means is that you are suffocating the other person with the walls of possession and you are guarding to not let them out. Put yourself in their shoes and think how smothered you would be. You definitely won’t want someone to get clingy!

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    Keep a check on the expectations

    Also analyze what are those things that cause you to get emotional. Are there any expectations that you have towards your partner and when they are not met, you get emotional? Just sit down for a while and think whether your expectations are unrealistic. In case if they are not, then think if you are also coming up to their expectations. Bringing your relation in harmony is an art and requires you to bring down your expectations to the level of what you offer! Or invest more to earn more!

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    Think before you react

    Stay away from being emotional intentionally. Yes! This can be done if you think before you leap. Reactions can cause certain uninvited consequences and may not be fruitful in the life to come. It is therefore better to think about the cost you have to pay before getting emotional.

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    Exercise and mediate

    Realize that our physical health is related with our behavioral health. To improve our behavioral health, it is a very good tip to do physical exercises and meditations that will help you soothe out the reactive nature in you. Most specifically YOGA can bring peace of mind and body and help in mastering your reactive nature. The more peaceful you get from within, the more peaceful you will be with others.

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    Try not to be an egoist!

    Egotism will not bring anything pleasant in your life and you will attract all sorts of bad people who will increase your reactive nature even more. Remember every action has an equal and opposite reaction! So avoid being emotional by avoiding being an egoist.

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