How to Be Mysterious at School

You do not have to rely on your looks, academic performance, athletic skills or dad’s money to get noticed at school. It is very possible to grab attention in class or while walking down the hallway without the aforementioned things. All you need to do is start being mysterious. This involves hiding your thoughts, opinions and personality really well from everyone, including the teachers and principal. It will only be a matter of time before you start attracting the curiosity of those around you. Kids in school will eventually give in to the curiosity and start making attempts to know more about you, that is when you will begin to have some real fun.


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    When trying to be mysterious at school, make silence your best friend. The less you talk, the better your personality will stay hidden. Even when you do talk because you have got something important to say or ask, make sure you keep your tone steady and stick to the point. Do not give listeners an opportunity to learn something about you from what you say or how you say it. If someone talks to you, reply to them politely but bluntly.

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    When you see people staring at you, look them straight in the eye and pass a mysterious smile. The smile should neither be too wide nor too friendly. It should be quiet and intriguing, making the other person think that you are hiding some big, dark secret.

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    Do not make friends. The more people you hang out with, the less mysterious people will find you. The type of friends that you keep will also give those curious about you a general idea about the kind of person that you probably are.

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    Be nice and polite to everyone. Just because you are not striking conversations or hanging out with people at school does not mean that you start showing people attitude. Do not project yourself as someone who requires a serious attitude adjustment. People will stop finding you mysterious and simply label you as a rude, arrogant and uncouth person.

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    Hide your emotions. Do not let others know what you are feeling. Try to wear a similar expression on your face at all times. Keep a steady tone to disguise how you truly feel about something or someone.

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