How to Be the Most Memorable Ballboy in Wimbledon History

Wimbledon is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world and people who generally do not follow tennis are also interested in it. It is indeed a tournament to be a part of and every year thousands of people are associated with it in various capacities.

Ball boys and girls are a very important part of tennis as they aid the players in their game and save them from chasing after tennis balls. It’s a good way to be in touch with professional players. However, you can be remembered for ages if you do something to get into the limelight.


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    Pick a Centre Court Game

    You must make sure that in order to get famous; you must have an incident inside the centre court, ideally when someone important is playing. If it is a game between two top players, especially the no.1 seed, it’s a good time. Obviously if you get a chance to pull something off in the Men’s Final, you are bound to be remembered.

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    Pick Your John McEnroe

    John McEnroe was pure class. He was an excellent player with loads of temper and flare and a propensity to argue over anything and everything. If the game involves such a player, it will do a world of good as creating a scene with such a player.

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    Pick the Right Moment

    Make sure that you pick the right moment in the match for messing around. Mostly when the game is running in a tough tie breaker when none of the players will give in. It is a time when people are glued to their TV screens and those present at the stadium are engrossed in the proceedings.

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    Go for it

    Well you must have the courage to go for it. It can be anything really. You can throw a dozen balls at the player, talk trash about his favourite part of his game or keep on interrupting when he is about to serve. A combination of the above or something on these lines will do. Once the players gets into the argument, give him a real peace of your mind. Even where a ridiculous under shirt with a funny punch line that you can flash for camera’s benefit. You will have a few seconds before the security takes you away but millions world over will not be forgetting you anytime soon.

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