How to Become a Forensics Agent

A forensic agent is an individual who is involved in the forensic science. With the help of science and technology, forensic agents figure out the root cause of any unlawful activity conducted by any individual that is filed under the criminal or civil law. The forensic agents are specialists who help the law enforcement departments to jump to conclusions based on the facts extracted through the evidence available.

The field is not limited to one duty instead it includes a number of tasks which are usually run be specialised people. A forensic agent can be an individual who takes photograph at the crime scenes, the one who gather evidences from the crime spot or an investigator, who looks at the photos and go through the evidence to draw conclusions. These also includes individuals who check the crime area for finger prints, perform lab tests to trace the evidence or a blood spatter pattern analyst, who looks at the blood spots and give a picture of how and what happened at the crime scene.

The job description of the forensic agent is attractive but the working routine is very tough as they have to be there whenever a crime is committed.


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    You must talk to a forensic expert and question him about the requirements. You can also ask his opinion to judge whether you have the potential to become a forensic agent or not because their job is really tough. You should give preference to a forensic veteran who has a sound reputation.

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    Check your state’s department for the laws pertaining to becoming a forensic agent. You should confirm all the requirements from there to make sure that you have missed nothing. Majority of the states require the individual to obtain licensed before they could apply for a job.

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    To obtain the license you will take classes and pass the exam. You can find plenty of schools in your state or in your locality. You should explore your options and check the schedule of classes. Choose the institute that suits you best.

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    After you have attended all the lectures regularly, now is the best time for you to appear in exam and pass the test. Some states take a single exam while many prefer to conduct multiple exams.

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    After passing all the exams, you should choose your area of interest wisely and apply for the license.

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