How to Become a Professional Gambler

Do you want to become a professional gambler?

You need to know a few tricks and you should be courageous enough to lose as much as $2000 at least once.

If you think you don’t have them both, then you are out of luck and shouldn’t be gambling. Gambling is an art and in order to become the best in it, you have to master it and that can only happen once you get into the field, fall down, lose a little money and understand how to get back up.


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    There are several ways through which you can become a professional gambler. Make sure you have $2000 in your pocket because there is always a risk of losing some money. Always leave your credit cards and check books at home, or you will eventually end up spending everything.

    Dress comfortably; eat a healthy diet, as hunger will not let you think when it is necessary. Always have knowledge about anything you are gambling on.

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    The easiest way to start gambling is through blackjack. It is one of the easiest games to learn and you can easily earn a lot of money in a week’s time. When you go to the casino on your first day, just play until you have made $200. This will take around 20 minutes or so, if you think you are good at it. Rather than getting drawn into the game and trying to win more, just leave the casino once you have made $200.  Do this for at least five times a week and you have made $1000, which means you are a professional.

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    You can also start off gambling by playing poker. As difficult as it sounds, it actually isn’t. You just have to practice. Practice does make a man perfect and poker is definitely something you can learn once you start practicing it.

    Just learn the art of bluffing and play safe. You might lose a little right at the start, but eventually you will start making a lot of money. Just don’t take decisions based on emotions, and always learn to control. If you keep spending your money on poker, you will eventually start losing. Therefore, whenever you think you have won more than you have spent, just stand up from the table and leave the casino. This is the best way to become the best professional gambler.

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