How to Become a Quiet Person

Being talkative is not bad, but you can be annoying sometimes and people might start disliking you because of this habit. So it is better to keep a balanced approach and talk only when necessary.

However, it is not easy to remain quiet for long, especially for the ones who always want to have their say in a discussion, no matter what the topic. This can eventually lead to something bad, like an end to a relationship or something.

Imagine a girl, who always wants to have a chat with her boyfriend, who is a busy person and does not like to be disturbed, especially when is working. Although there will be a little compromise in the start, but things will start getting difficult for both of them eventually and they will decide to part ways.

Similarly, if you are an employed person and like to have a chat with your colleagues regularly, you could end up in trouble. Your co-workers will not like to be disturbed all the times, so some of them might complain to the higher authorities. As a result, you will be at a risk of losing your job. Even if that is not the case, you will be in the bad books of the management.

Therefore, it is always nice to stay quiet and talk only when others want to listen something from you. This way, you will feel a lot better and people will respect you more. It will help you focus more on life and ignore other routine issues.


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    It is necessary to relax your mind and body whenever you are trying to stay quiet. There is no need to feel any pressure and simply forget what you are doing for a few minutes. This will help you make a connection to your inner self rather than the outer world.

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    Listen to your favourite music

    Plug in your earphones and start listening to a list of your favourite songs. This will make you feel a lot better and you will not be able to hear what others are discussing around you.

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    Practice being a good listener

    Another thing is to practice being a good listener. Listen to the story of others and try not to interrupt them until they finish. If it is important, give your views otherwise it is better off staying quiet.

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    Talk to yourself

    An effective way of staying quiet is by talking to yourself. Think of life and what you need to do and focus hard on things.

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