How to Become a Shoe Designer

A decade ago, people used to concentrate solely on clothes. However, shoes have now become increasingly important, and you cannot imagine a fine and complete look without them. Shoes have to be stylish, comfortable and at the same time, easy to wear.

Nowadays, designers can provide you different types of shoes, according to the type of dress you want to wear and the occasion you want to attend. Often, people also start dreaming about becoming a shoe designer themselves, after seeing a particularly beautiful and inspiring collection by a famous designer.

However, it is not an easy task to become a shoe designer. You need to have proper sense and taste along with the necessary education to succeed in this business.


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    First of all, decide your area of interest in designing shoes. A designer may be interested in designing shoes for ladies, children or men. Then, decide whether you will make hand-made shoes or whether you can afford to buy expensive machinery for the purpose.

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    It is highly recommended that you do some research before entering the business. Check out and try to get information on the mechanisms and techniques that have long been used, and study the methods used by famous designers nowadays. Understanding materials is another important aspect which cannot be ignored before stepping into the business.

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    Get proper education to become a shoe-designer. Get admission in a college to learn art and design. There are usually two types of degrees being offered by colleges or universities; an associate degree of a two-year duration and a bachelor’s degree that demands you to study for at least four straight years. It is advisable to work while studying; that way, you will be able to get practical knowledge about the market.

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    Try to get good grades in college or university because there is a chance that the university can send you for an internship at a big shoe-designing company, where you can learn pattern-making and the entire process of shoe development.

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    After getting proper education and internship experience, try to work as an assistant at a big shoe-designing company, rather than opening your own business immediately. In this way, you can learn different operations in a company. Once you feel you have accumulated enough knowledge and experience, you can move on to establishing your own brand.

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