How to Become an Ice Cream Taster

While it sounds like a fantasy, or the invention of a children’s writer like Roald Dahl, becoming an ice cream taster is a genuine job, with official titles such as tastemasters, flavorologists, and sensory analysts. It might sound like an easy job, but the task is actually undertaken by professionals who are responsible for tasting and evaluating ice cream flavours every day. If you enjoy frozen sweet treats, you might consider looking into a career as an ice cream taster.


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    To begin, do extensive research on the responsibilities and tasks of an ice cream taster. These professionals work on experiments to come up with new flavours and products, and on performing quality assurance tests on items that are already being produced. An ice cream taster will need to evaluate a product and know what it needs to contain in order to have the best possible flavour, texture, and appearance. In addition to tasting, ice cream tasters can also double as marketing representatives for the company they are working for.

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    While undertaking this process of educating yourself, try to look for a job in a “scoop shop”. Individuals whose families own dairy farms or an ice cream shop are in luck, but those who do not have this advantage need to compensate by securing employment in a scoop shop, in order to educate themselves on ice cream. All this practical experience will enable you to gain keen insight into the nuances of ice cream flavours, preservation techniques, what sells best and is most popular with consumers, and the dos and don’ts of running an ice cream business.

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    When you graduate from high school, consider a university degree that emphasises on either business and product development, or food science (with added focus on dairy). Along with your major, try incorporating minor marketing courses into your degree, related to brand management.

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    Once you graduate, you will actively need to look for an apprenticeship with a professional ice cream manufacturing company. You will start small – be ready for jobs like washing scoops and keeping an eye on the freezer temperature. However, with time, if you show the right aptitude and eagerness to learn and progress, you may be promoted to higher levels, and eventually start working with the ice cream tasters and flavour developers.

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    Finally, as you work on advancing your career, make sure you keep your taste buds in prime condition, and care for them at all times. Since you are aiming for a career in which your prime asset is your taste buds, ensure that you keep your palate in tip-top condition. Keep your immune system healthy, and avoid activities like smoking, or too much spice and salt in your food.

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