How to Belly-Dance Like Shakira

Belly Dance: The undulating hips and sculpted body of the Lebanese-Columbian singer Shakira are famous all over the world. She has revolutionised the art of belly dancing by introducing modern moves which have encouraged young women all over the world to belly dance like her. Dance instructors in many countries also offer dance lessons based on Shakira’s style of belly dancing, going on to show how popular she is.

If you want to learn how to belly dance like Shakira then there are some easy to follow steps that you can use to help get you started in this unique and provocative style of dance.


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    If you really want to dance like Shakira, you should register yourself in a belly dancing class to learn the very basics of this dance. You will learn muscle isolation and dexterity in these belly dancing classes and will be required to practice on a regular basis. If you enjoy these classes, you will learn quick and move one step closer towards your goal. Be sure to choose a belly dancing class that is for amateurs so that they start slow and teach the basics first. You do not want to be in a belly dancing class with properly trained dancers as you will be unable to keep up with the routines and might fall behind or lose interest. You will want to be in a belly dancing course that caters to beginners like you so that you can work at your own pace and develop the skills slowly. Also, make sure that the instructor is qualified and understands your basic skill level.

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    Shakira always adds modern elements in her belly dancing so you need to take hip-hop dancing classes which will help you add new moves to your belly dance. If you know other dance styles, you will also be able to incorporate non-traditional moves in your dancing, just like Shakira. Once you have developed some skill in belly dancing then you can incorporate other styles of dance to the mix. However, it is entirely up to you as to the style that you want to mix the belly dancing with.

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    Physical fitness is essential. It is not only Shakira's skill at dancing which makes her special, but her looks as well. You will need to work extremely hard on your body, especially your legs and belly if you want to take up belly dancing properly. Your stamina will also matter, since dancing can be very exhausting over long periods of time. It might be a good time to hit the gym and start working out. Remember to focus on particular parts of your body that are used for belly dancing. By working out regularly your body will begin to get tone and you will start feeling more stamina and energy. Overall your fitness level will increase and you will start feeling much more healthy as well.

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    Shakira’s music video “Hips Don’t Lie” is a perfect tutorial video which you need to watch closely and then try to mimic the moves. Slow down the video or even pause it just to study some of Shakira's moves. This is a good method if you want to learn belly dancing informally at home. Remember to take your time and not overdo it. Just keep following the video and slowly you will begin to belly dance like Shakira.

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