How To Boost Employee Productivity

Employees play the role of pillars for an organization. That is the reason why they are called as an asset of a company. The output, growth and achievements any organization are totally based on the overall productivity of their employees. In order to be bestselling and successful in today business’ world with tough competition and ongoing inflation issues, you really have to effectively boost your employees’ productivity in order to not just meet, but BEAT the targets.

Boosting employees’ productivity is one among the simplest organizational tasks. There are several simple tactics to accomplish this task.


  • 1

    Provide an Ideal Workplace

    The environment of the organizational workplace contributes a lot in the productivity of the employees.  Provide them with neat clean, friendly and peaceful environment, equipped with all basic facilities.

  • 2

    Distribute the task properly

    Keep the capabilities of your employees in mind while distributing the organizational tasks. Over or under estimation of employees’ potential can affect the overall output of your organization. So, demand  realistic targets, guide them and provide them with some time.

  • 3

    Provide the required resources

    The productivity of the employees is totally dependent on the availability of resources. So make sure to provide them with all the required required resources so that they can utilize them in meeting the assigned tasks. Your organization must be well equipped with latest and best condition machinery and equipments, yielding error free outputs in the minimum possible time.

  • 4

    Encouragement is Magical

    Employer’s criticism, discouragement and negative attitude can affect the output of the employees.  Encouragement and positive attitude, on the other hand, can increase their productivity. It is not just a claim but a proven fact in the business industry.

  • 5

    Create a positive competitive enviroment

    Healthy competition within organization is another wonderful idea to increase the overall productivity of your workplace. Divide your employees into groups or department wise and assign them some creative and interesting tasks  for a certain time period to polish their abilities and to prepare them various situations.

  • 6


    Make sure that your employees are well aware that they are accountable for his or her duties and decisions, and they can neither pass the buck or put the blame into someone else’s shoulders.

  • 7

    Prepare Backups

    Do not be dependent on employees and create backups for them. Their annual leaves or sudden departure from the organization and can have a affect the output of the organization. Prepare backups so that they can replace them smoothly, without any delay in the tasks.

  • 8

    Avoid Micromanagement

    It is an accepted fact that large number of employees need proper check and balance, clear instructions and assistance. However, along with all this, it is really important that they must be trusted, given some freedom to use their styles to accomplish tasks and to take steps in which they think are best for the organization’s interest.

  • 9

    Motivate, Reward and Recognize

    Motivation is the best key to effective employee output. Offer various incentives to encourage the employees to play their best shots. recognize the efforts and achievements of the employees in return and reward them through monetary term or recognizing their esteem and Self-Actualization needs.

  • 10

    Work as a Team

    Team work is more effective as compared to individual efforts, bringing out the the best out of the employees. Organizational team-work is always useful in boosting the productivity of the organization as there is more input in the form of variety of ideas and minds at workplace.

  • 11

    Break the Monotony and Rotate

    Assigning tasks according to employees’ core competencies is a useful criteria but most of them time it can make them bored and their duties seem monotonous. It will be helpful and can be broken with rotation in their tasks and assigning something new and unique every time.

  • 12

    Courses and improvement options

    Try to polish the skills and capabilities of your employees  by providing them additional learning opportunities, sponsored by the organization. Most of the developed organization in the world have Training and Development department for this purpose.

  • 13

    Spend less time on meetings and more on action

    Spending long time on meetings and discussions can affect the overall productivity of the workplace. Therefore, try to keep the organizational meeting and discussion to the point and spend the more time on their practical implementation.

  • 14

    Remove Communication Barriers

    Communication gap in management is one of the major causes of low productivity. Make sure to remove all possible communication barriers in your organization to enjoy smooth upward and downward communication.

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