How to Build a Mountain Bike from a Frame

Mountain biking is regarded to be one of the most fast paced sports out there. It gets people on the edge of their seats, and helps them get a rush to their head, unlike anything else.

It tends to provide you with hours of fun and excitement, while making sure you get the right exercise in the process.

Buying a mountain bike can prove to be a rather expensive thing, since it requires you to spend a lot of money to buy the right bike. However, should you build your own bike frame, you can save a lot of money, since you only have to buy the add-ons after that.


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    Measurements and markings

    Start of by taking the measurements of a bike that you think will suit your style. Make sure that it is big enough to ride, and that it won’t make you look constipated, or uncomfortable when you are heading down the slopes.

    Take the frame from this bike, and trace it out. This is generally done on a cardboard box. Make sure you trace around the tubes and get the markings in properly.

    Once this is done, you need to refer to these markings to cut out an adequate number of tubes that will make your bike.

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    Cut and place

    Now you need to cut out pieces of tubing based on those markings and slowly place them on the cardboard. Make sure that all the pieces are cut to size, and that when they are placed on the cardboard it doesn’t look like there is any excess material there.

    You also need to make sure you don’t undercut any of the tubes, since that could end up leading to a whole lot of problems for you later on, when you finish up the bike.

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    Weld, align and finish

    The last step is for you to weld everything into place. With all the tubes being placed right where they need to be placed, all you need to do is hit the weld button and make sure they are in place.

    Once this is done, you need to check the alignment on the bike, and take apart and reattach any of the pieces that seem to be out of position.

    Once all of this is done, you can go ahead and attach all the remaining parts of the bike on your frame, and you can now go on and hit the slopes.

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