How to Build a Rain Barrel

Rain barrels are used to save water and are widely used in the areas where water supply is short. You can easily buy a rain barrel from the market, but they are quite expensive.  If you build the rain barrel at your home however, you can save a lot of money. All you need is some specialised tools and materials to build the rain barrel.

Things Required:

– 55-gal. barrel with lid
– 4×4 treated lumber and construction screws or stainless steel lags, if you build a stand to elevate the rain barrel(s)
– 2-in. male threaded electrical (gray PVC) conduit adapter
– 2-in. female threaded electrical (gray PVC) conduit adapter
– Silicone caulk
– Threaded electrical PVC coupler
– Sections of 2-in. PVC pipe
– Glue
– Unions reducers and valves
– Screen
– Cordless drill
– Hole saw, 2-1/4 in


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    First of all, you have to place the drum right next to the downspout. Then, take the drill machine and make a hole near the bottom in order to screw in the drain valve. On the other hand, if you intend to use a spray nozzle or a wand, you will have to lift up the barrel on a stand so as to increase the water pressure.

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    You must know that water is quite heavy, therefore you have to use 4x4 treated lumber to make the legs of the barrel. Besides, you have to secure all the equipment with the help of construction screws or any other item like stainless steel lags.

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    It is extremely important to place the stand on firm ground as the stand may topple over on soft ground which can cause a lot of damage.

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    Cut the bottom of the barrel with the hole saw. Then, take the male threaded electrical conduit adapter and screw it in the stand. Spout some silicone caulk around the opening of the adapter to attach it firmly with the stand.

    After that, take the PVC pipe, reducers and valves and attach them. Don’t forget to install the overflow pipe so that the excess water can easily find its way to the garden.

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    In the end, just cut the hole and filter out the debris and leaves. Make sure everything in its right place and the barrel is clean. Wait for the rain.

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