How to Build an Indoor Clothes Drying Rack

The indoor clothes drying rack is a must have if you are looking for convenience and do not want to wait every time you have some wet clothes at your hand. On the other hand, the clothes dryer is one of your house appliances that consume a lot of electricity in order to work. If you want to save costs or make the world a better place, you can choose to dry your clothes themselves but that will take time. You can also use a drying rack or a cheap clothes line. There are several commercial drying racks and you can create your own inexpensively as well.


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    Rod measurements

    First of all, you need to measure and distribute the rods into 3 foot lengths. You will have to put 17 of them in total. Separate two rods and measure an inch on both ends of the other 15. After that, cut the inch long section around 3/8 inch to ¼ inch with the help of a knife. Be careful when performing this task. On the two rods, measure ½ inch from each side and trim that from 3/8 inch to about ½ inch.

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    Wood handling

    Shave the wood to length. You require four pieces that should be 35 inches long, four that at 28 ½ inches long, four that are 20 inches long and eight 11-inch long wood pieces to start with. Place the wood on its 1 inch side and mark it at various intervals with a marker or pen. Put marks at 1 ½ inches and 10 inches on the four 11 inch pieces. Make marks at 1 ½ inches and 9 ¾ inches on the other 11 inch pieces and place them as priority pieces.

    On the four 20-inch pieces, mark at 1 ½ inches, 10 inches and 18 5/8 inches. Moreover, on the 28 ½ inch wood, mark at 1 ½ inches, 9 7/8 inches, 18 7/8 inches and 27 inches. Lastly, measure and mark at 7 7/8 inches, 16 ½ inches, 25 inches and 33 5/8 inches on the 35 inch wood.

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    Further work

    Once you have completed the markings, drill holes at the markings of the wood pieces. Place one of the base pieces on the surface. Put a top piece on top of the same line. Then lay one 20-inch piece parallel to the other around 10 inches below it.

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