How to Build Confidence in Yourself

Self-confidence is definitely needed in order to be successful in life.

Success in all areas of life is affected by confidence and it is necessary to develop and instil this virtue right  from childhood, in order to lead a happy life. This however does not mean that a person cannot start feeling confident when he/she has matured into an adult.

Probably every person strives to raise confidence but not all people have this blessing. The basis of confidence is adequate self-esteem, self-control, the ability to recognize your inner self and other people’s needs.


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    The first and foremost thing to instil self confidence is self belief. To look confident, you should convince yourself that you are standing firmly on your feet without being nervous.

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    Try to walk calmly and control your facial expressions to look confident. Fussy people with erratic movements will never look confident. People who take fast steps are usually the ones who are uncertain about their actions.

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    Speak slowly and steadily and do not interrupt others while speaking. Remember that loud voice and laughter are weapons of insecure people who remain unsure of their abilities. Speak in a normal tone and do not raise it even if you want to attract attention.

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    Watch your posture and gait. A correct, proud posture and a firm gait are two main attributes of a self-confident person. Try to keep your head up and straighten your shoulders.

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    You can develop confidence in yourself through variety of ways.
    Think about what you lack in order to feel confident in your abilities and try to fill this gap. For example, if you know that you are lacking some ability, try to improve that aspect. If you do not have enough knowledge on a particular subject, study material and deepen the knowledge in that specific area.

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    It is important to know someone's opinion to improve self-esteem. Ask your friends, relatives or colleagues to evaluate you. Consult with the one who you rate above other people to get the desired results. If you are struggling to understand something, it is necessary to seek help from more experienced people. Perhaps the solution lies on the surface and requires only a fresh look at the situation.

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    Respect other people and their needs. Confident person should be a good listener. He/she needs to listen to others and try to find out good and bad things in him/herself after comparing.

    A person, who does not know how to listen to others and refuses to take into account their interests, cannot raise confidence due to his/her attitude.

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