How to Find Your Life Purpose and Passion

For many people out there, finding a purpose to their lives can be quite a quandary. Moreover, many people fail to know what their passion is which is the main reason why everyday life has become hectic and a major mental stress nowadays. As the saying goes, it is better to make something you are good at, you source of earning money. Sadly, most of the people working out there, are not doing it because of the passion. Instead, they are doing it as they just have no other option or because they did not believe in their passion.


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    In order to find a proper balance between purpose and passion, you have to first find the latter. In order to do so, take a self-reflective test. Ask yourself the right questions and be honest about them. If you are in denial even during self-assessment, you will never be able to find your passion and make that passion your life’s purpose.

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    For days, months, years and then decades, people go on thinking about the purpose of their lives. However, that quest never remains a primary one as day to day affairs and responsibilities come into play so much that the main quest is given a marginal look. Our life’s routines are so tough that we rarely get quality time to spend with our own selves in order to do some much-needed soul searching.

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    However, it is important to keep thinking about your passion and how you can use this passion for your life in order to make it a well-defined purpose. God has given every human being a lot of qualities with each quality different from other beings. Find out what you are good at. If you feel that you are good at a particular sport, take your passion to the next level. Rather than taking that sport as a hobby or something that you do when you are free, do it regularly and professionally. However, do that when you are young.

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    If you have a child who is passionate about a sport, make sure that he gets all he needs in order to fulfil his ambition on that sport. What you do for your child would become your new purpose of life as much as what you have done for him will become his.

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    If you feel that people are not happy with your passion, do some self-assessment and if you feel that they are wrong, ignore them and think from the heart.

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