How to Calculate the Volume of a Square Pyramid

Finding it hard to find the volume of a square pyramid? No issues, becuase you have just arrived at the right forum.

A square pyramid has two shapes joined together: cube and pyramid. The full shape looks just like a pyramid on top of a cube, with the base of the pyramid being the cube’s surface area (which is a square). The three-dimensional figure has one base in total (square) and has eight edges, five faces and a vertex.

In a square pyramid, the square base has four sides which come up and form a cube, and then they join together at a vertex to form a complete pyramid with four sides.

Calculating its volume is an extremely easy job. You just need to know the volume formulaes of a cube and a pyramid.

Things Required:

– Calculator (if needed)
– Square pyramid
– Formula for volume of a square pyramid, V = (s)(s)(2h)/6


  • 1

    You must start off by calculating the volume of the cube. It’s extremely easy as the cube has sides of equal lengths. In order to do this, you must multiply all the sides together. Length, base and height are all of the same size and if we assume that we can denote the length by the letter ‘l’, then we should use l* l *l to calculate the volume of the cube (where * is the multiplication sign).

  • 2

    Once you are done making the cube, you must make the pyramid on top in order to complete the square pyramid. To make this pyramid, make a vertex right at the centre of the cube and join all the four corner points of the cube. Stretch them to a height of your liking.

  • 3

    You should also draw a point right at the centre of the cube and join all the four sides there. It will help you split the cube into six equal pyramids.

  • 4

    If you observe closely, in order to make up one height of the cube, you require two pyramid heights.

  • 5

    Now you must mingle with the volume formula for the cube and the pyramid so that you can easily calculate all the things required in calculating the volume of the square pyramid.

  • 6

    Notice in the fourth step, you needed two pyramid heights for one side of the cute; therefore, the formula would be: l* l* 2h. With six pyramids in total, you can simply divide the formula by six in order to get the volume of a single pyramid.

  • 7

    Now you are almost there. Simply calculate the length (l) of the cube.

  • 8

    In order to get the height of the pyramid, simply divide one side of the cube by two since two heights of pyramids equalled to one side of the cube.

  • 9

    Multiply l* l *2h.

  • 10

    The answer must be divided by six and write it in the cubic unit.

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