How to Camp at Mar Del Plata

Mar del Plata is a coastal city of Buenos Aires in Argentina. It is famous for its pleasant weather, welcoming atmosphere, exotic beaches and rich culture. These factors have made it a favourite tourist spot in the world. Due to its festive ambience, this city is also known as “The Happy City”.

The best thing about this city is that you can find many cheap hotels and if you want to save some money then camping is not a bad option. However, you will have to do some planning before making a decision to camp at Mar del Plata.


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    Visit in right season:

    The most important thing you need to keep in mind is the season of your visit. You must plan your visit during the Spring season as the weather is perfect for activities like camping. Set your arrival and departure dates before leaving for this tourist paradise. However, it is better to have a margin of one or two days as you might like to extend your stay in Mar del Plata.

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    Plan a budget:

    Though, you have decided to stay in campgrounds and that is an economical way but still you should have a budget in your mind to avoid any unwanted situation. Allocate funds for important things like traveling, food and entertainment. You can seek help from friends who have visited this city earlier. There are also tour planning and management websites that can guide your for free.

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    Plan your activities:

    Obviously, there are lots of attractions in Mar del Plata and you won’t be staying in campgrounds all the time, so it is better to plan your activities. There are many websites that can guide you about things to do in this city. You may also consult some experienced person as well.

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    Do some research about campgrounds:

    Mar del Plata is full of campgrounds so you should do some research before selecting a site. You can find a list of price, facilities and available dates of different campgrounds. You should know what site will suit you and do not show laziness in making reservations. You may have to pay some amount in advance but avoid doing full payments.

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    Pack your bags wisely:

    Last but not the least, you should pack your bags according to the weather. If you are visiting Mar del Plata in the Winter then average temperature will be from 3 to 13 degrees whereas it varies from 14 to 26 degrees in the Summer.

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