How to Care for a Carnivorous Plant

As the name suggests, Carnivorous plants feed on insects. Some of the famous species include Venus fly traps, sun dew plants, and pitcher plants and these can be placed at your home. However you will have to put in a little bit of extra effort because these plants demand greater attention than normal plants. You have to provide them the conditions available to them in their natural habitat which are mostly marshes and swampy areas with loads of water and little which washes away the nutrients in the soil, leaving the plant with no choice but to feed on insects. However, insects are only supplemental supply of food for them and when conditions are regular, they make their own food through normal photosynthesis.  Have a look!


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    You need a soil mixture which is composed of 60% peat moss and 40% clear sand. Choose a soil mixture that has no added preservatives because fertilizers have nitrogen which is to be avoided in carnivorous plants. This potting mixture is also ideal for water retention.

    Unlike other plants, carnivorous plants grow best in nutrient poor soil. So you do not have to make an effort to enrich the soil.

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    Choose a pot with a drainage hole in the bottom and place it on a plate or saucer. Filled the saucer with a small layer of water so that the plant can absorb up water whenever needed. Choose a plastic pot instead of a clay one. Clay pots release chemicals after some time which can be harmful for the plant.

    Peat moss helps the soil retain water for long.

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    Do not let the plant get dry any time. At the same time do not over water it. However, you cannot simply use tap water for watering it because it contains minerals and chemicals like chlorine which can harm the plant. Keep a pot outside to collect rain water and feed your plant on it. Another option is to buy distilled water from market and use it.

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    When given optimum conditions like above, these plants can meet their food demands through normal photosynthesis using light, air and water. However, what fun it is to breed a carnivorous plant that does not eat flesh? Catch or buy insects for your plant once in a while to make its menu delicious.

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    Carnivorous plants need sunlight like any other plant. Place the pot in direct sunlight for at least two hours a day so that the plant can thrive.

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