How to Celebrate International Sing Out Day

If you think that you have good voice and a passion for singing, then April 23 is an ideal opportunity for you to show your hidden talent as it is celebrated all over the world as an International Sing Out Day. Almost all of us have a favorite song or perhaps a list of our favorite songs. If you want to sing a song you like but afraid that you will not be able to sing it good enough, then take advantage of the International Sing Out Day and give yourself a chance. In addition to that, if you wish to dedicate that song to someone special then it can make this day a memorable one for you. Read this article in order to get an idea how to enjoy and celebrate the International Sing Out Day:


  • 1

    Make a list of famous songs

    Organize a get-together with your family, friends, or colleagues and ask everyone to make a list of their favorite songs. Once all of you finalize your list, display your songs’ list and give price to those whose songs match each other.

  • 2

    Sing your favourite Song

    No matter where you are, either taking a shower in washroom or out somewhere in a gathering, starting singing your favorite song without any hesitation.

  • 3

    Singing Competition

    This can prove to be the most entertaining activity for celebrating International Sing Out Day. A group of friends divided into two teams can have an alphabetical singing competition. The team who sings most songs should be declared as the winner.

  • 4

    Song Guessing Competition

    Try playing tunes of some famous songs on a musical instrument sitting in with your loved ones. The one who is able to guess most songs will be the winner of competition.

  • 5

    Song Dedication

    Song dedication can be another entertaining activity on this day. If you think you like someone in your school, college, university or a work place, simply dedicate a nice song by singing it yourself. If someone takes it personal just say Happy International Sing Out Day.

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