How to Make Birthday more Memorable For Everyone

Birthdays are one of the most important occasions which everyone would love to celebrate and enjoy. Many people save bucks in order to celebrate their special day when it arrives. They call their friends and family in order to have party of a lifetime. You can make birthday more memorable for your loved ones and even for the people who are invited. With some simple ideas and tips, you can make the birthday more special.

Things Required:

– Friends to give testimonies
– People who can sing
– 30 x 32 white poster board or any colour you want
– Art pens or coloured pens
– Food


  • 1

    Plan for the birthday

    Make a plan for the celebrator and first contact your friends who can sing. Let them prepare special birthday songs so they can sing to him or her. He/She can also prepare the celebrator’s favourite songs and let them sing on the day. This will make the celebrator more special and the people who are coming to the party will also enjoy. Make sure not to let others know about your plan. In case you cannot find any singer friend, you can avail audio CDs or cassette tape birthday songs. If you have enough money, you can even hire a professional singer for your loved ones.

  • 2

    Create a birthday poster

    You need to make a birthday poster with the help of poster board. You should make it by yourself in order to make the celebrator feel special. In case you lack drawing skills, you can hire an artist to make the birthday poster. Remember to make one which is attractive, colourful and meaningful. In addition to a poster, you should make a photo collage. You can paste photos of the celebrator with friends and family in different occasions.

  • 3


    You need to make foods which are simple and easy to make. You can make snacks like sandwiches and cooked finger food items will also do the job.

  • 4

    Surprise party

    You need to throw a surprise party for your loved one. He or She should not have any idea or hint about your plans. This will make his/her birthday more memorable. You can let your singer friend serenade songs to the celebrant early in the morning at his or her house.

  • 5

    Testimonies, wishes and birthday bumps

    All friends gathered in the party should first give their testimonies. They should recall special moments and tell the celebrator how much special s/he is to them. After this, your friends should greet the celebrator and give their wishes. Then you can give the celebrator birthday bumps so s/he can always remember the moment.

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