How to Change the Social Structure of an Organization

Social structure basically explains how people in a society are organized through different characteristics or patterns. It also emphasizes on the relationships of all the people working together and living within a particular area.

When it comes down to an organization’s social structures, it basically explains how all the people in an organization are socially interacting with each other and building good or bad relationships. Sociologists believe that the social structure of not only different countries, but also of different societies and organizations are extremely different. Therefore, one organization can always change its social structure by adapting a new social structure, or building up a new one.


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    Changing the social structure of an organization does not only mean that you can change the social norms and values of all the employees working within; it basically means that you are bringing such a huge change that the relations between different people are affected by the sudden structural change. For starters, you can always change the hierarchy of the workplace. Everyone should start reporting to others. Remember: flatter the hierarchy, better the social structure of the organization. People will find it easy to speak to others, and interact with them. Solving problems will be extremely easy for all the employees.

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    The second step that can be taken is through the Human Resource Management department. This department’s sole purpose is to bring a change in the environment and the social structure of the organization. Therefore, this department should step up to bring about a change in the social structure of the organization. Either it can be through giving people the freedom to float ideas, or through changing the system altogether.

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    You can always hire new people who are not from the same environment and can float in new ideas to change the social structure of the organization. New employees are always a motivation for other employees to change the way they already act. Moreover, if there are foreigners involved, they always have a different point of view regarding most of the things they say and apply at work.

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    The last option, which should rarely be considered, is when you fire your existing employees. There are employees which can create problems for you once they are a part of the organization. If they are not the sort of employees that you think you have in mind, you can always ask them to take a leave as they are not needed.

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