How to Check a DAC Report

Drive-A-Check, commonly referred to as a DAC report is a file which contains employment relevant history of a particular truck driver. The information will include the number of years in the trucking industry, employers’ history, reasons for quitting past jobs, accidents, traffic violations and any other employment incidents.

Most trucking companies will look into the DAC report while collecting information on truck drivers, whom they wish to hire. At first, these reports were available from USIS, the United States Investigation services, a security service company located in Falls Church, Virginia. However, in 2009, USIS and HireRight merged to form HireRight service, where information was compiled and stored, known to many as HireRight DAC Trucking Solutions.


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    While the DAC report is considered integral to a company’s evaluation about a particular driver, it is not always fool proof. Before getting to the main argument on how to check the DAC report, lets go through the whole process which will make it easier for you, the driver, to understand the fine prints.

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    All trucking companies need to be members of the USIS if they wish to obtain or report information on truck drivers. For you, the driver, it will essentially mean that you will have to agree with the report even though it does not reveal your side of the story. Maybe you just wanted to quit the job or refused to give a random test, or simply opted out of the job after an initial orientation. This will all have a negative effect on your work record.

    While this can be rectified, if you have the financial power to fight the million dollar companies in court, the important aspect is to obtain the DAC report first.

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    The process is a straight forward one, where you will send a copy of your Social Security number, and Driver’s License Number to the USIS office. This will usually be done through mail and it takes approximately 2 weeks for the HireRight office to send you a free copy, which you are entitled to once every year.

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    One can further go to the HireRight site and fill the form online. Locate the link ‘CDL driver reports’ where you will click on ‘Hire Right Consumer Report Request form’. Fill the form and send to the HireRight office.

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