How to Choose Photo Paper for Laser Printer

While photography requires some talent, backed by untiring practice and basic know-how of the right angles for a perfect snapshot, choosing the right paper for laser printing your digital photos is another important consideration.

Your perfectly taken picture will mean nothing if it gets printed with dull colours on a low quality paper.

As you spend time researching for the best digital camera in the market so must you do when it comes to picking the right paper for the printing for your photos.


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    The paper's finishing should be your first concern.

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    For some photographers glossy paper will do the trick as these prints have very impressive colours. However, one problem with this paper is that it has shine and creates reflections which can actually obscure your vision. It is usually not a good idea to frame a glossy print, as you will be getting glare from the glass frame and gloss.

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    Matte photo printing paper is better than the glossy variety as it does not have a distracting reflection and is known for delivering better contrast.

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    When looking to frame your photos, another option is canvas. A canvas print will deliver almost the same results as a print on matte paper as far as contrast is concerned. It does however, have a rough texture, which makes it important for you to be careful regarding its location, as you should not hang it where it gets struck by light which will expose bumps on the surface.

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    Art papers are easily available in the market and can be used to print photos with excellent quality. This paper is perfect for landscape images.

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    The selection of paper also depends on which type of printer and ink you are using. For better results it is recommended that you read the fine print in the printer manual.

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    Remember to choose a paper without any artificial brighteners if you do not want your photo to change its appearance from bright white to dull yellow, which will change the texture of your image. A bright white paper will look perfect initially, but later it is bound to lose its brightness.

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    If you are getting your photo printed from a shop, then it is wise to ask them about the quality of paper that they are using and insist that they use the one which you want.

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