How to Make a Video for a Class Reunion

Class reunions can often be awesome yet a bit awkward because all your crazy acts are being discussed and unleashed in front of the crowd. Most of the high school friends are often busy in their lives after completing the graduation and they can’t find time to be in contact with everyone consistently. So, after the time has passed and everyone has settled down in their job routines, they often think of having a reunion by taking a combined leaves. It is always good to see your old buddies jamming together on different tones and getting high for fun’s sake. Some old crushes and relationships are discussed that are quite funny and at the same time a bit cranky as well which cause a whole lot of embarrassment. Hence, to assure fun continues, a video from the past can be prepared which can contain some funny as well some serious achievements that all friends accomplished. It is usually a slideshow of photographs which can provide a perfect start to the conversation for a class reunion. It doesn’t matter how big the video is, the thing that matters is that it should revive every stupid and silly activity from every friend of the clan so that everyone has a stuff to discuss and tease others.


  • 1

    Collect pictures and video clips from the past. Gather them in one folder in the computer and make sure you know every friend that is being mocked because you don’t want to create any basis for stupid fights. Be careful when exposing relationships and other personal things.

  • 2

    Tell everyone that you are going to create a class reunion video but don’t tell the content of the video. It should be a surprise for everyone.

  • 3

    Go to ‘Start’ that is located in the left-bottom corner of the desktop. Go to ‘Programs’ and find ‘Movie Maker’. Open the software. It is automatically installed with the installation of windows.

  • 4

    Put pictures and text with the help of the options provided to you. Start a new Project. Copy all the photos to the portal of the Software window.

  • 5

    Download some songs that you like and can fit behind a video which is created on the theme of eternal friendship. Copy them in the portal of the Software window as well.

  • 6

    Create a slideshow and put background music in the video. Save the file and render it.

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