How to Choose the Best iPhone Music Applications

Apple’s iPhone is truly one of the most powerful tools when it comes to modern day smart phones. Tons of exciting applications are presented to the iPhone users every day and you just get confused how to pick the best one out of them. A huge variety of apps just opens up your preferences and you might not decide which one to pick and which one to drop. Music apps are one of the most popular categories on smart phones. Apple’s App Store also presents a huge collection of music apps to iPhone users according to their different needs and priorities. We shall go through some of the most interesting music applications for iPhone and this might narrow down your choices while searching on the App Store.


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    Installing any app to your iPhone doesn’t take much time. You have to make sure your iPhone is connected to the internet via Wifi or cellular data, as the App Store will only run when connected to an internet server.

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    Click on the ‘App Store’ icon in the apps menu and search for your desired application. A ‘Search’ tab is available at the bottom of the screen and you can easily type in the name of the app you are looking for.

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    Select the app from the list of search results and press ‘install’ button. You will be asked you iTunes username and password in a prompt window and after filling in the login details, the app download will begin.

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    Now to mention some of the cool music apps you might find interesting. The first one to mention is ‘Bbeatmaker’, a sampler and groove editor with lots of cool features, including recording and importing samples. It has amazing ability to create beats, playing live and ideal metronome function, making it one of the most interesting music apps.

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    A four-track recording application, ‘Gigbaby’, provides the iPhone users with complete metronome and drum patterns.

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    The iPhone users looking for a remote controller, ‘Touch OSC’ app can be ideal. It allows the users to transport and remote apps, like Reason, Abelton, Novation, Traktor and Pro Tools, also letting you to control integrated functions in a wide range of software synthesizers.

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    ‘iDrum’ allows you to use the iPhone’s amazing  touch interface, while ‘Pocket Guitar’ application presents amazing features for playing guitar.

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    ‘Noise Trio’ is another great app for soft synth with cool features.

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