How to Choose the Right Lens for a Shoot

When it comes to photography, there are so many aspects that one has to take care of to make sure that you get the picture that you want to capture. The light conditions, the camera quality, the film quality, the lens and what not. All have to be right for the perfect picture.

The lens particularly plays an important part as it focuses on the object as per the requirement. If the lens is not chosen wisely, the snaps taken even under perfect conditions may not be good. It is not tough to pick the right lens.


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    The Object

    The first thing that you need to do is to decide what object you want to photograph. This can be a flower or something much larger like a landscape. This will be an important factor in your choice of the lenses since the selection will be directly affected by the object.

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    It will also depend on the distance from which you are capturing the object. In case of a building or a landscape, you will obviously be taking the picture from a fair distance and will need lenses that are wide. On the other hand if you are taking pictures of a smaller object or are looking to capture pictures of from lesser distance, the type of the lenses you use will change altogether.

    For objects that are far away, you can use telephoto lens as it can make the object look much bigger even from a fair amount of distance.

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    Will you need to magnify the object that you are shooting? In case you are trying to capture something in detail, such as a flower or something similar in nature, it is best that you use a macro lens as it will allow you to capture fine details of given object due to its short focal length.

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    If you are looking to experiment a little bit, you can try a fish eye lens which will to an extent distort the picture but will add a bit of fun. The lens was widely used in yesteryear for promotional shots. The pictures taken have a curved appearance and do look good with certain objects.

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