How to Clean Aquarium Reef

If you own an aquarium reef, then keeping it clean is the big task. You need to keep it shiny at all time. By this you will not only make your house look beautify but will also provide fish with clean and healthy water. By this fish’s life span will also increase and they will stay fresh. Remember that changing water will not maintain its calcium level in a reef aquarium. Thus you are required to maintain the calcium level on your tank. In order to perform this task, you can start by giving only the required amount of food to your fishes.


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    Maintain the calcium level in the tank

    First thing you need to do is to maintain the calcium level in your tanks. You can do this with the help of a protein skimmer. You can provide calcium hydroxide and potassium iodide in order to lower the calcium deposits. By this you can maintain the calcium level in the reef tank. Remember that you are also required to provide some other trace elements to the tank in order to lower the calcium deposit.

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    Apply reverse osmosis

    You can always use reverse osmosis in order to get rid of algae food. It also changes around 10-12 per cent of aquarium water on monthly basis. Remember that reverse osmosis also discards nitrate, phosphate and silicates from the reef water.

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    Increase water movement

    You need to increase the movement of water in order to filter the water and aid janitor crew clean up. Remember that the detritus suspended helps the water to filtrate. Flowing of water will also prevent algae attaching to the rocks. You need to make sure that no area in the aquarium should be left where there is no water movement.

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    Get reef tank janitors

    You need to buy some reef tank janitors in order to clean your aquarium reef. The main purpose of these invertebrate acting tank janitors are getting rid of algae. Some of the tank janitors also get rid of debris and detritus at the bottom of the tank. In addition to these, some tank janitors act as sand filters and filter feeders.

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    Use snails

    You can place one or two snails in your aquarium reef. This will help keep aquarium clean by preventing growth of algae. Remember that these snails have a large appetite and if you place more than two, they might starve.

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