How to Clean Silver Jewelry

Silver Jewelries are known for their unique and elegant designs. They enhance your over all look and personality. However, your silver jewelry can begrime easily because of its sensitive color, and as a result, not glow under light. Do not make the mistake of trusting the jewelry cleaners as they can damage your delicate jewelries by using low quality products and chemicals. You can clean your silver jewelries at home within a few minutes without using any harmful chemicals. It will help you to save both your time, and money along with retaining the original color of your silver jewelries.


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    Baking soda

    Grab a small mixing bowl and place two tablespoons of fine quality baking soda in it. Pour in a few drops of water and stir until both of the ingredients mix well. Now, pick up a brush, dip it into the soda mixture, and gently apply to all of your silver jewelries. Keep applying the mixture until your jewelries clean completely. Now, wash your silver jewelries with plain water until traces of the mixture are rinsed off properly. Grab a piece of clean cloth or a towel and wipe your jewelries dry.

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    You can also clean your silver jewelries with a simple toothpaste that contains baking soda. Pick up a small bristle brush, place some amount of toothpaste on it, and apply it to all your silver jewelries. Set your jewelries aside at room temperature until dry. Now, wash them with cold water until the toothpaste washes off thoroughly. Gently wipe your silver jewelries dry with a towel or tissue paper.

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    Lemon-salt mixture

    Lemon-salt mixture is also very useful in cleaning silver jewelry. Grab a medium mixing bowl and add some fresh lemon juice to it. Top it with some salt and stir them until completely mixed. Take a medium or large brush and apply the lemon-salt mixture to your silver jewelries that need cleaning. Wait until the mixture on your jewelries dries well. Now, rinse your jewelries in order to wash off traces of the mixture. Now, wipe them dry with a tissue paper, towel, or a piece of cloth.

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    Aluminum foil

    Aluminum foil is also used in cleaning silver jewelry. Pick up a large pot of daily use and line it completely with aluminum foil. Take a mixing glass and half fill it with lukewarm water. Add a generous amount of baking soda and salt in it and stir until completely mixed. Gently drop your silver jewelries into a pot and pour in the soda-salt mixture. Place the pot on the stove and bring it to a low boil for approximately 4 to 5 minutes. Remove the pot from stove and set it aside at room temperature until cool. Grab a strainer or a colander and carefully pour out all your silver jewelries and rinse them with cold water. Now, lay your cleaned silver jewelries on a clean towel until dried well and place them in your jewelry box.

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