How to Connect Better With Your Child

Connecting with your child is not an easy task to be honest. He/she is from the next generation. It is not totally necessary that they like what you like. Therefore, you need to learn how to connect with them better and how you can make them like you. You should give them time and there should be a fine line between listening to everything they ask for and giving them everything that is right for them.

Therefore, draw a line where it is needed, give them the time they require and also give them what they need. However, there should be a little barrier in the ‘wants’. They should know how your nature is and mould their character as well. It should not only be one-sided love from your side.


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    Set dates

    Set dates so that you know and your child knows when you are going to give them time. Even if you are the busiest man on that particular day, you should be able to give your child the time they require. This way they will know that you are there for them despite the fact that you have so much on your head. They will be paying in return as well. Set different dates. For example: There should be a family day, a day where you take them out for sport, etc.

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    Reading books to them is integral. It builds up a good relationship and later in life they will associate small things to your reading habits. Therefore, try and read stories to them as it will really help you two connect.

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    Talking is extremely important. It is one way you will connect to them. This will help you get to know what is going on in their lives and once you know what they want and what they are going through, you will be able to help them and that is how you two can connect.

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    No matter what sport they like, just try to play with them. Even if you are not good at it, try and do it for them. This will help you know how challenging your child is.

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    Meet with them offer. Have a family meeting or something. Try to take them to their grandparents so they can connect to the family every now and then. Once they know where you come from, they will also connect with you and your parents as well.

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    Grab your child and try to hug them often. Physical intimacy is extremely important in every relationship.

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